Hope while waiting for God to answer – handout

Here are a bunch of wonderful Bible verses giving encouragement while we strive to wait patiently for God to answer our prayers.  I’ve included teachings God gave me and some specific ways to pray.  This was a popular Ladies Ministry Dinner speech too.

Crowns – handout

Do you know the 5 crowns for Believers in the Bible? In order to crown Him with many crowns, we need to know what opportunities we have on earth to receive those crowns. We will discover the 5 crowns mentioned in the Bible that will be awarded to us on “that Day.” Rewards for our faithfulness and fruitfulness as Believers in Christ. Crowning Moment teaser ad

Christmas Symbols for Sharing Christ – handout

Across the years, I’ve picked one of these Christmas symbols and invited my neighborhood ladies for Christmas ornament exchanges, including my presentation of the true meaning of one of these symbols.  Ladies have been very receptive to this casual gospel presentation… and many saved!

ABC Bible verses

This list is a wonderful way for preschoolers to learn their ABCs and memorize simple scriptures too.  My children loved making them as crafts by cutting out magazine pictures illustrating the verse and gluing them to construction paper.