Get Your Joy Back

It’s in the lost and found.  Finding the Lord’s JOY in the midst of your story.  Finding joy in the context of your life.

Traffic Pattern Evangelism

Everyday intersections for the gospel.

To Forgive or Not to Forgive

That’s the ultimate question.  Learning to do the impossible.

Go Get Your Crown

This is not about Queen Elizabeth.  This is about you!  Discover the 5 crowns mentioned in the Bible and how you will receive them.  When and why?

A Mary Moment

Are you anxious and troubled about many things?  Are you more like Martha or Mary?  Take a moment and learn from Mary (Martha’s sister).  Get her perspective for the long-view of life.

Next Level Loving

Are you loving in such a way that makes a difference today?  Tomorrow?  100 years from now?  Learn 4 practical ways to love others more effectively.

Hope in the Waiting

Did you know God is at work in the wait?  Hear how to have hope in the waiting. Trade in worry, impatience, and frustration in waiting for hope.

Identity Theft – in a legal way!

Discover who we are and who we are becoming in Christ.

First Things First

If we don’t come a part with Christ, we will come apart.  Get insights to taking care of His business first, and He will certainly take of yours.

The Beauty of Brokenness

We aren’t perfect. Learning to embrace a “not so perfect” self.

Fake News

Are you in bondage to fear, worry, anxiety?  Recognizing “fake news” and choosing to live in freedom.